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local car rental services in Sint Maarten

Different types of cars are offered for rent in car rental services on St Maarten Island. These cars differ in luxury, size, and shape as they are made by different companies. Although you would find affordable car rentals on the island, affordable is relative as it varies with your budget. While some look for cheap rental cars, some prefer expensive and sophisticated ones. Whichever one you prefer, your decision is limited to the local car rental services in Sint Maarten. The types of cars available for rent in St Maarten are;

  • Jeeps 

Known for their adaptation to different terrains, jeeps are suitable for exploring the island. Jeep derived from the term GP stands for General purpose vehicles. This is reflected in its functions and unique qualities. Jeeps portray an air of confidence while driving. They also offer enough space for passengers and luggage. In case you will like to plan a picnic, you could use a jeep from the car rental services in Sint Maarten to carry the necessary luggage. Although the mini-van is most suitable for picnics, jeeps can be used too. So go ahead and book yourself one knowing that your comfortability is assured 

  • Mini Car 

A mini car, although cheaper to rent offers a maximum space of 4 passengers. As you will find affordable car rental in Sint Maarten, so would you find the mini car. It is most suitable for small luggage as it doesn’t have enough trunk space for big luggage. A mini car is a great option for single visitors or couples who would like to cruise around and explore the island. You can book one at the local car rental services in Sint Maarten

  • Mid-sized car 

If you will like a car with much to offer at a pocket-friendly price, then the mid-size car is what you need. It offers more space and passenger seats in comparison to the mini car. It is suitable for small groups and families as it can contain a maximum number of 5 passengers. Also, it has a moderate trunk space for luggage. You would find the mid-sized car package offered by car rental Services in Sint Maarten to be quite affordable.

  • SUVs

SUV, an abbreviation for sports utility vehicle refers to a powerful vehicle with four-wheel drive. It is known for its high efficiency and suitability for different situations. An SUV may have a maximum passenger space of 4-5 depending on the model of the SUV. It is suitable for exploring and offers a wide range of functions to clients. It also offers a high level of luxury coupled with comfortable passenger seats. To book one of these, check out local car rental services in Sint Maarten.

  • Mini-van 

Would you like to go on a picnic while you are here? Then the mini-van is what you need. With up to 9 passenger seats and large trunk space, the mini-van offers enough spaces to carry the necessary materials for a picnic. Whether it’s a family or large group, the mini-van can take it all. It offers luxury and convenience in one vehicle. Visitors who would like to explore in groups and with their loved ones find the mini-van very suitable. Car rental services in Sint Maarten offer not only a single type of mini-van but a wide variety of minivans to pick from.

  • Convertible 

A convertible car is a car whose roof can be retracted to give a roofless vehicle. It offers an amazing open-air driving experience with the ability to make available a roof when needed. This kind of car is most suitable for a fun-filled day of exploring and sights seeing. It has a maximum passenger seat of 2-4, with a distinct sleekness that portrays an aura of luxury. You can bool one of these at the local car rental services in Sint Maarten.


Whether you are looking to rent a small car or a big one, a luxurious one, or just a make-do, car rental services in Sint Maarten can provide what you want. They provide different cars ranging from jeeps, SUVs, convertibles and so many more. You can search for local car rental services in Sint Maarten to check for a suitable car rental service on the Island.

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