Tips For Making a Quality Voice Over Recording

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Voice Over

The film and theater industry has offered and afforded many people the opportunity to work within the industry without actually being actors or directors. Now, there are voice over recording jobs that are available for people who are interested in the entertainment industry and who would prefer to have a background kind of job. It would be great if you have the voice that is needed for the industry as well as the type of training that it requires. However, in order to land the auditions you are looking for, you need to know how to do the right voice over recording so the quality of the sound is impeccable.

  • First of all, you need to know how to position your mouth in relation to the microphone you are using to record. You mouth should always be about 3 to 6 inches away from the microphone. If you happen to be too close, then the microphone will more than likely pick up unwanted sounds that your lips could possibly make. Even without us hearing them, lip smacking and other sounds from the mouth can project very clearly on a recording.
  • Once you have established that space in between your mouth and the microphone, you need to keep it constant during voice over recording. Any change in the distance will degrade the overall quality of your audio recording. Keeping the distance constant will give a more controlled sound overall.
  • Another tip is to ensure you record in a very quiet area. Background noises, no matter how minimal, can affect the quality of the audio recording, so in order to get the best performance try to record in a quiet room. Closets, attics and bedrooms at the back of the home are perfect for this type of voice over recording. The chance of interference from background noises would be very slim.
  • Believe it or not, the diet has a big part to play in how your recording turns out. Basically, you need to ensure you do not consume any dairy products before a voice over recording session. Dairy products result in mucus forming at the back of the throat, which will give you the urge to clear your throat during recording. This is definitely a no-no because it will affect the quality of the sound.
  • When doing your voice over recording, try to speak very clearly and slowly. Although different types of recording will require amplification of the voice when you are expressing different kinds of emotion, try to keep your voice fairly constant during the recording.

Getting the type of voice over jobs you want relies heavily on the quality voice over recording you submit for use to determine if you should be offered the job opportunity. Therefore, follow these tips outlined previously to ensure you have the perfect sounding recording that will get the attention you need it to get from the hiring entities.

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